Others Claim To Have Stupid Links. We Actually Have Them.

A great place to look up words from a website that doesn't even know how to spell dictionary! Give DICTIONERY,COM your support today!

The International Federation of Competetive Eatting! Find out EXACTLY how many hotdogs, cookies, beef tounges, cabbages, cow brains - whatever - you need to eat in one minute to be called a condender.

Ever wonder how to play with plastic army men? Here's a site that finally explains it, and even gives you rules. Very informative.

Online Begging - Give this guy a buck for no reason what-so-ever.

Zombo.com - Anything is possible at zombo.com!

Swizzle Stick Collection. Possibly the worlds largest online, definately the stupidest.

Banner Ad Museum! See all your favorites past the present!

Turtle's can now be purchased online for as little as $30. Get used to it.

Giga Pet Funeral Parlor . Dignified burials or budget funerals. Either way, this is the place to go when your beloved Giga Pet passes on.

Make Jello in an Aquarium! Here's the recipe link. Tried, tested and definitely stupid.

Edible Insect recipes! Try the mealworm cookies featured on the eatbug.com site devoted to the culinary delight of eating bugs!

Grasshopper Taco Recipe
- More from the yummy world of insect eatting.

Can't get enough BUG recipes? Try Food-Insects.com where they may not know much about web design but they sure do know how to eat some bugs!

Cow cam! There's only one way to find out what the cows are really doing and that's to watch them constantly!

Ant Farm Video Cam! Check in often to see what the ants have done lately!

Aquarium Cam! Updated every 2 seconds and we think the fish might be dead anyway! Maybe awful, definately totally stupid.

Sheep Cam! We've checked this cam a hundred times and never seen one sheep! They're out there somewhere! Keep looking!

Cat Cam - CatCam.com may be a seriously bad idea, but it was even worse to let the cats design the website.

This whole stupid site is full of stupid links. We provide you with these as further evidence that the world wide web is even more stupid than anyone could possibly imagine ever.

Got a totally stupid link you'd like to pass along? Paste it below in the convenient text box. It will be analyzed by our team of complete idiots and posted here for others to be appalled by.

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Druids of North America No one knows how this site first appeared.

Aliens! Send E-mail! This site is only for aliens who want to contact earth using E-Mail.

Alien Abduction Survey If you've been abducted by aliens, please fill out this important form.


Pennsylvania Big Foot Society. Our personal favorite. Great sound track!

Bigfoot Information Society.

Shadowlands BigFoot Society - Best photo collection.

Born on another planet or the offspring of aliens? Here's a site where you can register, and maybe win a trip to your home planet. Very informative and helpful to aliens who don't really belong here.

Squirrel Behavior Explained!
Ever wonder why squirrels are so nuts? Here's the answer.

The Squirrel Lovers Club!
Don't forget to read the legal warning that interacting with squirrels can be dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals.

The Okinawa Frog Club. Graphically challenged but dedicated to thinking about and acting on important frog issues.

Mollusk Club
- Use this site to keep in touch and stay informed on news about this really exciting shellfish.
World's Longest Tongue! - A 12 year old German School girl has the longest tongue in the world!

World's Largest Drum! - This site must not be ignored forever!

World's Largest Ball of Twine! - Awe inspiring. has it's own building!

Largest Gum Wrapper Collection - 2100 different gum wrappers in one convenient location! Join the Gum Forum!

Worlds largest Flag! Only at Superflag.com!

Toast Recipes - Easy to make and really stupid.

Toilet paper Museum! Over 2500 rolls on display.

Compare Frog Brains and Camel Brains to Human Brains.
We don't know what these people are trying to prove but they sure as heck are doing it!

Rubberband Ball Photo Gallery! Be proud of your rubberband ball and display it here for the world to admire.

Want to know more about the fascinating world of rubberbands? Visit the rubberband specialists.

New super high-tech device now available that brings smells to you over the world wide web! WebSmell Technologies!

Proper Hand Washing techniques! Perhaps the most disturbing site we've ever seen devoted to handwashing. Also this just in: Hand Washing Experiment proves your hands are dirty!

You have problems!
Everyone has problems, but this site tells you exactly how many you actually have!

Dream Analysis. This site promises to analyze your dreams if you fill out a form. Stupid yes, but does it work?

Your Nose Is Ugly! Find out why and look at pictures of people who finally had had enough of their stupid nose!

WEEN! Best band ever. Really.


They send visitors here for some reason. We appreciate.

DUMB Another site that sends people here for reasons we don't understand.

Strange Web Sites This site is graphically challenged but did list us as a strange web site once. What ever.

Dog-Diaper.com - an inovative product and a remarkable website, will be missed.

Dianne Witt's longest hair in the world tribute site. Over 8 feet long, but no longer seen on the web... sad.

Outhouse Photo Gallery - An entire wesbite once devoted to photos of outhouses. Gone from cyberspace and badly missed.