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More Totally Stupid Science>

The world we live in is a facinating place and now modern science makes it possible to see things in a new and profound way. Join us in celebrating this achievement as we bring you links to CLOSE UP VIEWS of things we see everyday!

Close up view of Toilet Paper - Disturbing and enlightening. Brand not mentioned.

Magnified Human Hair - Looks like pasta!

Human Finger Nail! - Look at this and never bite them again

Microscopic Views of Rust! - Did anyone have any idea there were this many types of rust? Now you know!

A disgusting close up view of a mite! It's really small and it's really a mite!

Ever wonder what suede really is? Here's what it looks like!

There was never a Roman numeral for zero. This remarkable fact leads many to question to origins and meaning of this disturbing number, if it even is an umber at all. It meant a Roman could never be broke, and could never have nothing in the refrigerator. The Egyptians had no symbol or concept of zero either! Once again, they lived a life free from the fear of this modern menace.
The zero seems to have mysteriously appeared around 1,300 years ago in India. How and why it happened no one knows. It is only certain that the consequences have been social disorder and the inevitable rise of the even more nefarious negative numbers.

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Consider these fascinating links:

The History of Zero
Written by someone who is probably the worlds foremost expert on zero.

Dividing by Zero
Explains why it shouldn't be tried at home.

The Concept of Zero
The author simply has no use for zero and wants you to forget about it too.

Zero as Infinity

A remarkable attempt to explain absolutely nothing.

Featured Stories

Edited by Dr. Len Piff

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Flies - really stupid. Help us identify them all!

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How much of what you know is wrong?!

Find out if you know anything worthwhile at all now by taking our test.

The stupidest fly links on the web and our list of stupid fly species. Help us add to this important list.

Now you can prove the existence of gravity to nonbelievers with this amazing experiment.
You can even conduct this amazing experiment in your own basement!

Test your reaction time! Really great art too!

Impress your stupid friends! Learn to balance nails!

Make your own musical instrument out of a straw!

Find out your dogs personality by taking this quiz and find out how stupid your dog really is!

Simply awful! The flameproof balloon!

Who would ever think there were this many types of rot to explore and enjoy?

Photographs of Brown Rot on fruit! Fusarium root rot! Dry eye rot , Computer Rot! Jungle Rot! Wood Rot!