Totally Stupid

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A finely curated list of websites totally beginning with TOTALLY!
Totally Skilled
An alarming number of totally sites promote the alleged skills of web page designers and hosts!
Once owned by Marchex Sales empire of strangeness and now it's been sold by them to some people that totally make videos.
You can more than likely damage your eyes while browsing through their collection of cursors. Thankfully not updated since 2012!
Apparently designed by the Totally Sinister webmaster. Bleak is not Totally fun. Especially if you're selling theme park designs.
Something about phones or technology and lots of stock photography of hot chicks with head sets or something.
You totally need a website for some reason. Why not a totally one?
Totally Food
When you just totally want some food, you've got options.
Formerly a site about why it's okay to eat birds. This may have been true, but nobody cared. Then it came back in 2020 and sells chicken online!
A catering company where everything is cooked, totally.
Everything you ever wanted to know about tomatoes and more. Really!
Totally Sports
You totally want some sports? You've come to the right place.
Formerly a sad little site with a forlorn message board that nobody ever looked at. Then it it had a drawing of a fox on it for a while. Now it tries to sell some sort of virtual reality baseball game called Totally Baseball!
Dedicated to people who live in London that want to get totally sporty, whatever the heck that means.
Totally Religious
Totally all about some religion.
Buy Totally Catholic stuff online today if you can figure out how!
Tee Shirts for Catholics only!
Totally Games
In which sites want you to buy their totally questionable games
Some dudes that make a lot of games in their pajamas
Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a game from tinyBuild in which you can deliver packages, or perhaps not.
A site that was formerly being squatted on by, then they sold it to some people in Iceland who apparently want you to play in their casino.
Totally Travel
You totally want to travel and now you can totally find out why you shouldn't.
Something about getting you to the airport on time, we think.
If you haven't visited Anguilla yet, this site will give you a few reasons why you don't want to.
Your island guide to totally being in Barbados
Totally about why you should live in Boise, or at least in Ohio.
You totally want to go to Dublin for some reason!
Book your totally kosher vacation here immediately.
It really is totally about Spain!
St. Augustine is in Florida and this is totally about why you need to go there, or possibly just not.
You totally need a travel agent, right?
Totally Animals
Animals totally need to get on the internets.
Everything you don't want to know about Golden Retrievers.
Dedicated to photographing toy ducks in unexpected places, or something.
A fairly slick site that explains that dogs are carnivores.
Totally Tunes
When you totally don't have enough awful music to listen to, it's time to get busy.
Something about an expert faculty of teachers that sell guitar lessons, although it's apparently just one guy. Also owns TotallyLessons
They also own ,,, along with perhaps dozens more. In short, we love them, even though they'll be out of business soon.
Totally Disappointing
Totally sound so promising and then what?
Once upon a time Lisa had lots of ideas about how you need to run your life, until she stopped paying for her domain name. Then someone else named Lisa bought it and is apparently going to promote her designs at
Such a promising name. And then what? This? Come on!
Totally Odd
Totally go figure this stuff out yourself.
More awful stuff for free! Not sure what the evil insect logo is all about.
Totally get a job as a lawyer in England, or don't.
Not only is this really about nothing, they're apparently writing a book about nothing as well!
Something French about cars we think but we can't read this so we don't really know what it's about.
Once packed with female action figures and cool graphics, then became an error message for a long time and now it's a site where Tanjiro Kamado is talked about without much explanation as to why.
Tells you how totally unprepared you are for an earthquake in three languages!
Totally For Guys
Guys Totally Love the World Wide Webs.
Two guys, Reed and Jonathan, geek out about cars and offer up a podcast.
Totally Retail
Boring but totally necessary for the economy.
The final word in spill control solutions presented in a visually challenged environment.
You totally want everything in your life to be made totally from bamboo, right?
You really do want to buy bananas online! Just think about it!
Buy things made totally in Buffalo today, or not!
You guessed it! You totally want some chocolate! Not only that you want it customized!
This site went broke for a while then it was sold to some folks that want to sell you some Totally Cool® clothes for both you and your pet!
Rhinestones are fake rocks made of plastic and if that gets you excited, this site is for you!
Once upon a time, a hideous collection of totally free stuff in a disturbing interface! Then, for a while it was just an error page. Then it came back with another idea about free stuff. Good luck!
You totally need to spend more money on gifts and why not do it at a site that will give you a headache just looking at it?
At one time, this site sold nuts on the internet. Surprise surprise, nobody cared and they went bust! Now it looks like they're going to try it again. Stay tuned!
A nationally franchised brand of roasted nut sellers that sure do want you to buy nuts.
You totally want your logo or design printed on a cheap product.
If you're not totally ready for the next zombie apocalypse this site will sell you some rope and other essential survival gear in a site that may or may not damage your eyes.
You totally need a scooter! Or you need to sell your scooter! This deeply disturbing site is your kind of place!
Nuts, bolts, screws and washers that are all totally stainless steel on a website designed by someone who apparently just wants you to go away.
Apparently all about coupons from Target in an interface that may cause brain damage.
It's hard to say what this uniquely confusing site really is, but it's still totally the bomb!
That weird train with the face on it again! May have been designed by that weird train with a face on it too!
Nothing but koozies for weddings! It's a total thing!
Apparently all about buying more stuff that is totally worth it.
Totally Business
It's just totally business is all.
You're totally unorganized and Tiffany will totally straighten up your life.
If you live in Michigan and need a tree cut down, you totally need to call these people!
They totally make carpet and apparently invented Totally Transition Technology, whatever that is.
Why get ice cream that's totally cold when you can get it totally cool?
Branded apparel is a thing and you totally need some.
You probably aren't healthy and you need total health, whatever that is.
One upon a time, the darkest website about Los Angeles ever and 'under construction' since 1998 until the owner decided to sit on the name and hope to sell it! Then this woman named Monica came along and bought it! She's totally in LA too!
Totally about money or market comparisons or something.
You totally need information technology provided by a company that might have last updated their site 20 years ago.
Once offered Jewish news from London and marketing services. Then for a while it was something else nobody cared about. Now it's about healthcare services or something.
If you've got your mind totally set on buying some insurance, look no further.
You totally want your tan to be sprayed on because the sun is so dangerous! Right?
They totally make wires!
Some Florida real estate agent that really likes purple and wants you to like it too.
Totally You
Just totally can't get enough of yourself, can you?
Totally about the actor Kate Mulgrew who is a remarkable talent with a lousy web site.
We'd hoped this domain was owned by a bank, or at least a grifter, but no. Just some guy named Rich who hikes and takes pictures.
Once Tom was actually Ultra Tom who wanted you to watch his flash animations. A cure for gayness was included as well. Now what? Not much!
You've got to see the photo of the body wrap to believe it. Pick up some sea clay while you're there!
Totally Approved
Okay, we totally love these or at the very least tolerate them...
Explores the stupid world of useless inventions.
If you have Attention Deficit Disorder, you should totally try and remember to visit this site.
Yep it's totally about a Hunter S. Thompson documentary!
A remarkably definitive list of websites that really are completely pointless.